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Grady Spencer & the Work is an American groove-based rock and roll band from Fort Worth, Texas. Born and bred out of the sweat and blood stemming from decades of gritty manual labor, the band channels years of music experiences into a tasty soup of country, pop and rock music. Consisting of Grady Spencer on guitar and vocals, Johnny Hatcher on bass/vocals/keys, Tyler Martin on lead guitar, and Jesse Fox on drums/percussion/Ableton, the group has been touring from San Diego to Manhattan over the past few years. The live shows are a spectacle of tightly wound arrangements and harmonies mixed with heart string-pulling love songs about family and friends.


They're trying their darnedest to get anywhere near to their heroes and main inspirations, Bahamas Theo Katzman Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit etcetera et al and whatnot. Grady Spencer & the Work are currently on tour through the end of 2023 and are locked and loaded for an incredible 2024. Follow along our journey and listen to our latest album, Grady Spencer & the Work Live from Tannahill's Tavern!

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